Should You Buy Generic Coffee Pods?

A single cup coffee maker that uses pods can be convenient and they require much less maintenance than a coffee brewer with a pot. Those pods can be pricey however and those on a budget may not want to spend the money on the individual pods when it’s so much cheaper to buy a canister of coffee. One way to save a lot of money on pods for your single use coffee maker is to buy generic coffee pods.

Generic coffee pods can save a significant amount off your grocery bill over the name brand pods. Most stores even make their own brand of pods. These are almost always just as tasty as name brand pods and they also come in many different varieties. You can find these generic pods in the same area as the name brand but they will usually be less visible on the shelf and may actually be located on the bottom.

Generic pods come in bold flavors as well as milder brews. They can often be found in seasonal flavors as well. If you try a store brand and don’t like, you shouldn’t give up on generics. Simple try a different brand. They offer a great way to save money and even coffee connoisseurs often can’t tell the difference between a generic cup of coffee and a brand name.